Monday, September 20, 2010

Making Friends

    Remember when you were in first grade and you played with the same few people on the playground everyday? Remember how you all swore to be best friends forever and there was never any doubt in your young little mind that y'all would do just that? Then a few years went by and you found that as y'all had grown up you also had grown apart into new groups of friends? Well Ive realized that throughout my child hood I repeated  this cylce many times. Of course with each new group of friends I came closer to understanding the chances of the friendships lasting forever until eventually I forgot that it was possible to make new friends and still stay close to old ones.
   Originally I was afraid to go back to Magnolia schools because I was afraid of being alone again. The last time I went to Magnolia I was here for a whole semester and made only two friends.I was worried it would be the same this time as well. The first week of school my nick-name from Jess was social butterfly. It was our way of showing hope. My goal was to make at least one real friend by the end of the first week. By only Wednesday I had made a handfull.Who knew things would be so different this time! I was worried about losing my Montgomery friends though. Living farther away and spending time with my new friends seemed like it would lead to the begining of my next cycle of friends.
   However ive been in Magnolia for almost two months now and I still manage to have most of my old friends as well as many new. Ive even made a new best friend. Hopefully I can continue to make additional friends instead of replacement friends. So far im doin pretty good.

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